May 22, 2019

Producthunt's Makers Festival

Joshua @randomTest

Register now for Makers Festival: The API Edition
The Product Hunt API was first built back in 2014 when the community
told us they wanted to build apps using our unique data source.
Makers have built a ton of imaginative products using our API since then, > including:
Chrome Extension to surface the day’s most popular products
Tinder for products mobile app
Mac menubar app to quickly browse the day’s top products
But our API had not been updated to include recent updates like Maker > Goals.... until now! For this special API Edition of Makers Festival we
challenge you to surprise and inspire the Product Hunt community with
your projects.
The Product Hunt team will be available to you throughout Makers Festival to support you and answer questions.

It starts the 26th of May and ends on June 14th.
I'm planning on creating a webapp to the producthunt api.
Will you join the festival?

One of the prizes seems to be a toy figure of your likeness and Macbook air or a 3d printer. ( If I read it correctly)

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    Realized I already signed up for this, but probably won't have time to build what I wanted to build. Too busy with the day job 😕

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.