Productized Services September 25, 2020

Productize Api consulting?

Ulysses Foreman @hacking_4_freedom

Hi I've been sitting on the idea of doing moonlight consulting with api development / integrations for a particular vertical. The issue is this a high touch service often involving many video calls to gather info. I just wouldn't have the time to jump on calls.

Any ideas on how I can productize this service or streamline it to avoid many video calls?

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    I have also thought about doing this, but I always get stuck when thinking about the audience. Are there certain niches that regularly need APIs?

    I think a clear onboarding process would help reduce calls. Have an intake form with some questions to get them thinking about what exactly they need. If it seems like a fit, have them fill out an "engagement form" that should tell you everything you need. Create some rudimentary documentation that shows them what they would get, which you can treat as the requirements. Once they sign off on it, you build it. Maybe allow a certain number of model changes in the engagement, but if they hit their limit, any additional changes would be an upsell? At the very least, this is how I've been thinking about approaching it.

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      Yeah that's where my mind was heading towards. Of course there's still the marketing and out reach part to figure out. I think I just need try it with one client

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    I just wouldn't have the time to jump on calls.

    Isn't this a clear, albeit subtle, indication that this isn't profitable enough to begin with?

    For the right price, wouldn't you find the time?

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      Yeah that's a different angle I did not consider. Thanks

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    I'm a freelancer doing various stuff including API development/integrations. What kind of vertical are you targeting and why that particular industry, what kind of API development/integrations do they need? I probably have some ideas but I'd need to get more context to understand your business idea. In general I'd say moonlighting and high-touch consulting don't mix well because flexible availability for your clients is crucial to deliver a professional service.

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      Cool! What is your workflow for servicing clients like? I’m exploring the governance risk and compliance space. They use no code enterprise tools to make apps around business processes like internal audits, risk assessments etc. The issue is this enables business users to make apps but they need api integrations to pull in data into their apps from existing company systems. I just work in the space full time.

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        I can't really share a general workflow because the work I do is very varied and it always depends on the client. The space you describes appears quite heavily regulated and "convervative", so it might be difficult to break into especially as a solo moonlighter, but since you already work in this space it might work. You could probably leverage your existing contacts in the industry to first research and talk a lot about the problems they face and how you could solve them and if the arrangement works for them. Try it with one or two contracts first to see if you can scale that into a product. Also, be aware of whether this affects your full-time employment legally (can't advise on that).

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    i don’t really understand. what is api consulting ?

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    Maybe I can make a web app that emphasizes gathering that info in an intuitive self serve way 🤔

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