Design and UX October 1, 2020

Products with great UX?

Karen @keyserfaty

Especially interested in weird/new/early products. What tools do you know that solve a problem that used to be hard to do in a beautiful way?

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    Stripe. Payment processing was nightmare and they came with a simple API that was delightful to use.

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      Not to mention their amazing admin dashboards and tools

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      Stripe has the best API documentation ever. This is so important they even have people working full-time just on the documentation.

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    Last time I felt in love with a product was Netlify for hosting static websites.
    Just connect your Github account, select your repository and your website is deployed.
    You need Google Analytics ? No coding required, in one click you can inject a script on all pages headers without having to edit code.
    Everything looks so simple and they have a generous free tier.

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    Definitely Writer (Previously Qordoba). I don't think I have come across a service that's so beautifully designed and works perfectly as Writer. They do everything well from branding, onboarding, to actually getting you to use the service.

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      Cool. Thanks for sharing!

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    Miro - realtime collaboration on a whiteboard

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    For me its Vercel.
    Hands down the best and easiest deployment tool.

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    I've been building Supernotes, a social note-taking tool, many of our users love our UX. But I will let you be judge of that! 😉

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      @tobeagram Supernotes looks fantastic – simple yet playful. Nice work!

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    Take a look at Dashblocks.
    It's focus is on providing beautiful interactive Dashboards out of the box, and helping to enable In-App Analytics in your Apps. Very early :) Here is live Demo

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      This looks cool. Thanks for sharing!

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