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Hi There, I am a professional and organic SEO expert trained in implementing the best strategies to rank a website on top of Google. I do Market research, Product research Competitive Intelligence and business analysis covering several sectors, including Amazon FBA, Drop shipping, or any eCommerce business. I would like to share knowledge with my fellow SEO experts.

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    I've been running an ecommerce site for a bit over a year and am disappointed that Google has only indexed ~60k out of 200k pages and isn't picking up most of my product details. I've invested a TON of time into sitemaps and tagging pages with the right kind of data as prescribed by Google.

    I have yet to see any SEO discussions that touch on these areas, instead most focus on the relatively easy "how to get started" content.

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      @hk1232 yes, this is an area of SEO that isn't typically covered because it's not a problem that most websites have, usually because they're targeting a known area/niche, and perhaps don't have that much content. Therefore the keyword approach is very different because it's not something a person can actually look at a granular level (per word) and analyse.

      e.g. I have a young site that's got 1-2,000,000+ pages (i.e. potential URLs that a search engine could index), where the keywords are in the 100Ks+, so not one you can typically analyse in the same way as you'd do other more targeted sites.

      And as a side note, I am constantly surprised at the wax and wane of Google's index of the site; it gets nowhere near to 500k pages indexed and searchable, let alone the number of pages there...

      My understanding is that Google determines whether the value in each page is even worth indexing, let alone considering for search results. Meaning if your content adds no additional value to what's already out there, then it will be ignored (which may change back and forth over time).

      There are other considerations, including: just because a page has the same info as another doesn't mean it has no value beyond the information it provides, because obviously in your case it's about the sale of a product in a location, which has different value potentially, and that "value" (and therefore rank) may be more difficult (for Google) to discern e.g. what additional signal is it taking from your page, like price, etc.

      (Some) food for thought, perhaps.

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      I think most "seos" are focused on that because very few have worked on a site as large as yours. The "get started" content usually consists of "do keyword research" and "blog more" which is rather basic and lacks the nuance required to really make a difference for any one business.

      60k/200k pages is pretty rough, it's hard to make any specific recommendations without seeing your website and sitemaps, or knowing the steps you've taken - could you provide a link and a bit of context?

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    Sure. Please share tips on how to do SEO for raw new site

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      Dropped by this, and from experience I'd recommend the following for new sites:

      • Set up your analytics! Google Analytics and Google Search Console are absolute musts
      • Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console and make sure Google is crawling your pages
      • Make sure your website is easy to navigate, important pages are linked from the home page, and you have information on your business (an about us page, an address, etc) - this gives you credibility to people who land on your site so they will stick around and not bounce off
      • Have a clear understanding of your SEO personas. Who are your ideal customers? What industry are they in? What are they searching for?
      • Once you have a clear idea of your personas, dig into the questions they are asking. I like to focus on questions over individual keywords because it keeps the reader at the center of your focus. Build up a bank of questions and think about what type of content will be needed to answer these questions. Note, it's not always blog content.
      • Create content on a consistent basis, and track its performance in Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

      This is a very high level overview of how a program I teach to approach SEO with your customers in mind, and create a unique content strategy that serves them. You don't need to pull 1000 keywords and write a 800-word blog post for each one. You just need a solid understanding of your customers and a content strategy that serves them.

      Also bear in mind, SEO is a long game. It will take a while to see results, for new websites this can be 6-12 months. With consistent work and a strategy, you can see results though.

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      I second this, if you're able to share some tips on SEO for new websites would be great!

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    Hi. Any tips on overall content structure for sites with 400+ pages. We have been generating content but now believe we need a better structure like silos.

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