Project Management for Software Development

Did you know 70% of all software projects fail?

Many small and medium sized companies do not even have project managers but rather make the software developers manage projects. This video shows the methodology I used for 15 years of running a software development company. How to write a Functional Specification, how to write a Technical Specification, and how to manage all stake holders to improve your chances of having your software project a success.


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    Feel very much like an ad, and mostly slow talk. I gave up watching after 10 minutes.

    I think it is a leap to get from "failing software projects" to "are because of lack of specifications" or "missing project managers".

    Also this probably isn't the right audience for the message, as many of the hackers on here need to take a step back and actually validate their idea, before they are even remotely ready to figure out how to deliver quickly.

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      I'm surprised you think this sounds like an "ad". Nothing is being sold - it's just informational.

      Why do you think so many software projects fail? In my 30 years of software development I can definitely attest that projects without good specifications fail MUCH more often than projects that have outlined goals and specifications.

      Frankly I thought the Developers group was the perfect audience for this video on "Project Management for Software Development". You mention "need to take a step back and actually validate their idea...". That is the whole point of "Project Management". Step back from the code and get a big-picture view. Then write the functional goals. Then translate those into technical goals. Maybe you should have watched the video in its entirety.

      Whether the hackers here are developing for their own indie project or they are working on someone else's project, following proper processes of project management can definitely increase the odds of successfully completing their goals.

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