Promote your Slack/Discord showing the best community's posts on your site

Look BOTTOM-RIGHT on this website Superbuild.io
I mean the widget installed bottom-right.

This thing here 👇🏼
community widget

It automatically shows the best posts from your community.
Behind the scene, there is a Slack/Discord app/bot that lets you set a post "featured in your landing page"... or define a threshold with the number of replies and reactions that a post needs to have to get featured.

Is this something useful for you as well?
Would you install it on your website to invite visitors to join your community?

(It could also be a section of your website, don't have to be a floating widget)

  1. 2

    I definitely think people would pay for this maybe $5/month. The number of people on Slack and Discord keeps growing and people are trying to grow these channels. I think you could even do this for Twitter to gain followers.

    How much a market is there for this? No idea. But I've definitely seen products that I thought had no audience do well and there is definitely an audience here.

    I don't have a Discord/Slack so this isn't for me but definitely think it has legs.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback! What would bring the budget to $19/month in your opinion? Like, what other features you'd like to see in this product that will make it more valuable?

      1. 1

        Again here, let me put it this way, if you run a community, apart from promoting/growing it - what other needs do you have?

        1. 2

          I personally don't know that answer to it right now but I think you're thinking about it differently than how I would. Your end goal is how do I make a ton of money right? I think the first step is to have a simple product with loyal followers and purchasers. Then you ask them what they want. Constantly engage. What new features can that impact most of my already existing clients. Then make that. That way you already have people possibly willing to pay more that are already using your product.

          I've personally found building is the easiest part. Marketing and sales can be very difficult.

          1. 1

            well actually I'm looking for those 100 super fans/customers who can help me building the product, that's why I asked you that question about your needs :) but yeah, i get what you mean and I agree

            1. 2

              I think you already have the product! I'd look on Twitter and start talking with people who mention their discord/slack community

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    yes, this is a good idea

    Would I pay? Not sure... If I already use a chat widget i'd see it as another thing to include

    However as a tool to show usage, fomo, it's great. And it's dynamic and up to date. (theoretically). As communities are walled gardens, it's nice to peak inside before joining.

    1. 2

      Yeah, that's the idea... a sneak peek of what's going on inside the community!

      What killer feature would you add that will make you say "take my $19/month"?

      1. 1

        again, not sure

        maybe you could contribute in the community via the widget but not join?

        speak to the user from slack or the community (basically intercom chat)

        1. 1

          Interesting, thanks, man!

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    I run https://founderscafe.io , a community of bootstrapped solo founders who co-work and unblock each other. It's on discord as well.

    Seems like an interesting solution. I wonder how effective it is in getting conversions. If I can see solid proof that it increases my conversions, I would buy it.

    1. 2

      Interesting @gay, I'll run a couple of experiments to collect some KPIs on superbuild.io and another website of an early adopter keen to try it next week. What's the best way to contact you once I have this info at hand?

  4. 1

    Yes its a good idea, but personally I will not pay for only this, if this is a tools in a suits, maybe I will pay.

    1. 1

      How would you describe the "suits"? Like, what other features/tools?

      1. 1

        Let me put it this way, if you run a community, apart from promoting/growing it - what other needs do you have?

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