Promoted Tweets to Fuel SaaS Growth

Use Twitter to Get More Customers

Promoted tweets are just like regular tweets except they have the added bonus of potentially reaching out to new customers for your business. Since promoted tweets will appear on Twitter users' timeline and in search results on the mobile version of Twitter as well as the computer and tablet version of the social site, you have a chance of gaining new followers who see your promoted tweets and gain interest in your products or services.

You can reach users by targeting keywords in your tweet. Tweets are important signals as to what a user is experiencing at any given moment; be it, their feelings, something they want, their thoughts on something, or something they need. Sending targeted tweets in the right context can reach users at the right moment by using target keywords.

Maybe you just want to reach men, or maybe you just want to reach women, or certain people with specific interests such as gamers, fashionistas, activists, foodies, and so forth, targeting your tweets toward interest and gender lets your tweet be seen by people you want to see them.

If you're local, wanting to reach a new market, or have a specific region in mind, your promoted tweet can target those in certain countries or metro areas so that people in the right place can see your tweet.

You can also have your promoted tweet target specifically those on certain devices, whether they're on the go with their mobile phones or in the comfort of their homes with their laptop or tablet.

You can find new followers by targeting the similarity of your existing followers. Your followers must already love what you have to offer, why else would they choose to follow you? So, chances are people just like them will too which can potentially get you new customers.

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