Promotional Header Banner Using Container


Adapting https://smalltowndreamer.co.uk to have a clickable promo banner at top like CeruleanSounds.com.

Preview (will transfer Wednesday):
user: guest | pw: test

Changes Made


Set Max Width to 100.
Remove vertical padding & margins.
Margins also affects the other three sides:


In response you have to: increase horizontal padding. Though, above 2 it doesn't seem to make any difference.


Add a "Spacer": i.e. a Blank Container with e.g. max (12) height


Also set Width to Max and Remove Vertical Padding & Margins.
Remove Horizontal Padding too.


  1. When can you recreate the effects of margins with padding?
  2. Is it possible to make the entire Container clickable? e.g. with CSS Property?

Feel free to throw me any other feedback you have on this site (it's for my debut album so really important for me). It's based around AirTable embeds, but they become very narrow on mobile.

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