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Hi developers,

I need feedback on how easy/difficult and how interesting for developers would be to create a public developer profile (something like this https://found.dev/me/antonio) here: found.dev.

If you register, create a developer profile and give me your feedback, I can help you by giving you my feedback for your project or any other thing you may need help with.

Thank you very much in advance 🙏

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    I couldn't confirm my registration.

    Clicking on the confirmation link redirects me to:
    and it says "404 page not found"

    But I love the user experience and design, it's clean and smooth.

    Your project idea is good, but you have many competitors.

    I think you have a lot of work to do in the promotion.

    Good luck!

    1. 1

      Hello Hamza,

      that error is weird, it never happened before. It look like you got a different confirmation token somehow. I will further check this tomorrow.

      I have manually confirmed your account in case you want to keep trying.

      Thank you very much for your feedback and your kind words! If I can help you with anything, just ask me!

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