Publicly sharing our goals

Yesterday @chaos87 asked on Twitter wondering why more of us don't publicly share our goals. Inspired by his question, I decided to publish my goals publicly.


I recently left my salaried job to pursue building my own SaaS. When I did this, I decided to use the OKR framework to help guide my decision-making. I am taking some time to explore opportunities so I needed to keep myself focused on my vision and the measurable life outcomes that I am after.

SaaS ideas come and go, but the true outcome I am after is my vision:

"Build a life that is independent, free, and flexible. Own my time and pursue the opportunities that get me excited while having the freedom to prioritize family."

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    Love it!

    This is I think inspiring many indie hackers who want to make the jump from employment to being a founder

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    My vision is pretty similar to yours, best of luck in achieving it.

    About why more people don't share their goals publicly, there was some research stating that it actually decreases motivation.

    "In 2009, Gollwitzer and his colleagues published research suggesting the simple act of sharing your goal publicly can make you less likely to do the work to achieve it. " source: https://blog.trello.com/science-backed-reasons-you-shouldnt-share-your-goals

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      Thanks for sharing! I hadn't seen that article or research. A lot of that makes sense.

      I wonder if OKR style goals would change those outcomes. One of the reasons why I went this way with my vision/goals was because something like "build a SaaS product" is a broad goal in pursuit of some desired outcome for my life. I wanted to keep the focus on that outcome instead of the specific tactic that would get me there.

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    Awesome, I have started working on the same as well. Twitter, Indiehackers and Producthunt are the main channels I am looking at

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    What are your goals? What is your vision for what you are creating?

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