Design and UX October 29, 2020

Pushed a big design update & would like feedback

Dean Fankhauser @bomeandean

We just launched a massive overhaul of the design and UX of Bitcompare

The main pages are:

I’d love to hear your feedback. Do you understand what it is, why it’s valuable and do you enjoy using it? Any suggestions would be super welcome.

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    Hey Dean,

    So immediately when I saw Value serif it just stuck out to me. I know they say something on the Colophon site about being born from conversations around finance, but the design is pretty retro. So for me that just kinda stuck out in something that is otherwise pretty modern.

    In the case of the heading – Your crypto wealth management comparison site – it was a bit clunky to read. Maybe "Your crypto comparison site" is enough, and boost the font size for the homepage to add impact.

    Later down on the homepage, by the calculator, there's a semi-circle and dash that bleed out of shoot on each side of the browser window. I don't know where they come from, or see which part of the brand they're taken from, so it was a bit random.

    The calculator button is a different style to the other buttons – green and in a lozenge style shape as opposed to a rectangle.

    The Latest Review section is hard to digest visually. You're repeating the word "Review" in every title, but we already know we're in the review section. Maybe you can break the info into multiple type levels. Eg:

    [Subtitle]What Is It and How Does It Work?
    [published date] 28 October, 2020

    The FAQ section below has all the sections expanded by default. I would make these hidden by default, so the user can scan all the sections quickly without having to scroll to get a sense of all the options.

    I can well I'll leave it there. Overall it looks good, clean modern. I just think there are details that will add up over the course of repeat visits.

    Good luck with your product!

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