Q&A opportunity for Business Student


My name is Marika, and I am a business management and accounting student in Australia. I am currently undertaking a foundations course in Entrepreneurship and am required to join an online community to build lasting connections with like-minded people. Would be great to hear from recent graduates or people working in the accounting field about your journey, entrepreneurial or not. :)

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    Hello Marika, Welcome !

    At risk of losing you from this community, given the niche, I'd recommend perhaps r/accounting or one of the better subreddits to build your network.

    Else, there is always LinkedIn.

    If you are doing this for just a course credit, show me where we need to sign and we'll do it for you :D

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      Thank you for responding, Takezo! Unfortunately, the due date has passed, so I am no longer in need of interviews, but I appreciate the suggestion! All the best :)

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