QAHero - Landing page feedback

Hey maker community,

I have released an issue reporting tool. Would love to hear your thoughts on the landing page and the MVP. If you'd like, I could hook you up with a year long trial. Just let me know in the comments section.


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    What does your tool do what others in this space don't?

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      The plan is to have mobile and desktop offerings followed by video capture.

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    Hey @dapatil thanks for updating!

    Here's my knee jerk feedback.

    1. I would rework your H1
    • If it were to stand alone would it describe your product? "The Visual Feedback Tool You Need". Its somewhat vague and I had to look further down on the page to figure out what the product is (other visitors are liable to bounce).
    1. I really liked the Github view on https://qahero.io/integrations.
    • Github is familiar so I can immediately tell where I would use the product. Personally I feel like I truly "got" the product when I saw this page. You should put this on your landing page, don't hide it in another page. I would actually replace the image you have above the fold with the GitHub picture.
    1. Gifs, or demo video is good for someone like me ( I'm a a visual person so my mind hunts for these on landing pages).

    Hopefully that helps!

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      Thanks. Makes a lot of sense. I will make the changes.

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    Take it for a spin using dev tools and responsive mode. I’m using an old iPhone and one of the buttons is too wide or positioned incorrectly making the page scroll horizontally. HTH

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    Hey @dapatil I don't see the link, share it so we can take a look!

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      Updated. Thanks for pointing this out.

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