QApop - one of the best Quora marketing tools I have used is offering a lifetime deal (made by fellow indie hacker)

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    @Dinakar thank you for hunting this special lifetime deal! 🙌

    Quick founder's note:

    We’re excited to launch our Quora marketing tool that helps you boost your results on Quora.

    QApop is built on our experience as Growth Hacking consultants. Quora is still an underrated marketing channel, and we would like to promote it more.

    It’s hard to leverage Quora without know-how and data. It’s time-consuming to find relevant questions to answer and run ads.

    QApop will:

    • Find the best questions to answer ✅
    • Suggest you questions to run ads ✅
    • Explore new keyword ideas ✅

    The deal
    Honestly, we think it's an absolute no-brainer deal for anyone who wants to explore Quora marketing! 🚀

    $49 one-time payment. Unlimited number of discovered questions, unlimited number of reports & Quora opportunity analyses, traffic estimations for all questions 🔥

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      Being a user myself (just the free plan but still great), I like what you guys are doing. And love the fact that you guys are in it for the long term.

      So far, the best I have seen in Quora marketing space is stats for questions through some Chrome extensions. So you guys knock your competition out of the park lol.

      Part of me wonders why one-time payers get unlimited questions while subscription customers get a bit less. Nevertheless, the deal itself is of great value for such a small fee.

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    Thank you for sharing @Dinakar and thanks for the support.

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      Will happily do anything to support makers : )

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