Quality Language Learning Database 🌐

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    Sell each language individually.

    Pre-made, high quality Anki decks would sell good also.

    1. 1

      Good idea. Cheers for sharing it with me.

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    hey I watched your video which software you use to make that videos I use Zoom and OBS for recording but OBS really makes a big size videos but Zoom quality videos is not so good in YT

    1. 1

      Believe it or not, I used Canva!

      1. 1

        hey I am asking about your your YT video

        1. 1

          Which YT video? If you were referring to the one I embed on the Language Learning Resources page, I used Canva to create the video. If you were referring to the other videos I posted on my YT channel, then it's FCPX.

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