Growth July 10, 2020

Quantify and (thus) achieve Product-Market Fit

Prakriti @prakriti108

I read this brilliant article on how Superhuman built a fool-proof system to quantify and achieve PMF. Sharing notes below:

Inspiration/Goal for PMF:
Quote by Sean Ellis: Ask users how would you feel if you could no longer use the product? Measure the % who answer “very disappointed". 40%+ is the magic number to achieve PMF.

Designing User Survey:
Capture data for consideration points in PMF and inputs which would help in fine-tuning product wrt most responsive user segment. Superhuman version below:

  1. How would you feel if you could no longer use Superhuman?
    a. Very disappointed
    b. Somewhat disappointed
    c. Not disappointed
  2. What type of people do you think would most benefit from Superhuman?
  3. What is the main benefit you receive from Superhuman?
  4. How can we improve Superhuman for you?

Create User Personas:
Use Q1 to create user personas A,B,C according to answers.
Focus on A - They love your product. They will enjoy it for its greatest benefit and help spread the word.
Use A's answers to Q2 to identify groups which will like your product like A does.

Product Development:
Prepare a word cloud of A answers to Q3 and use it to entice B,C who had mentioned those words in answer too, as the main value is resonating but something little is holding them back. Review A answers to Q4, funnel insights into product development.

Business Focus:
Double down on what A loved and address what held back subset of B,C which used similar words as A in Q3. Focus half time on doubling A and half on satisfying B,C.
Push hard for growth when you achieve PMF i.e. 40%+ answer "very disappointed" to Q1 in the user survey/

BONUS: Superhuman's Product Market Fit Engine

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    Thanks for sharing! Is there a way to find out if there is a market for the product before the product is being built? Any such questionnaires?

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        Hey thanks so much for this shoutout! Much appreciated.

        Hope this post helped you both 😅😌

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          Thanks for sharing. It's a valuable one. :-)

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        Thanks for sharing. :)