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Question About Taxes For Multiple Business Ventures

Hi Indie Hackers,

Let me start by thanking you all for the amazing energy you bring to the tribe. I love this community and am thankful for each of you. I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to find a CPA or tax professional that I can work with to support my two start ups that are operating in different states - one in Michigan and the other in California. I'm looking to work with someone who is savvy and understands the business landscape in a way that enables me to build.

My question is, who are you guys using to build your bootstrapped businesses? Thank you in advance for sharing your helpful insight. Best wishes and happy building.

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    Hi Daniel,

    There are a lot of CPAs on twitter providing advice to individuals and then small and medium sized businesses. But I haven't seen much of CPAs targeting the indiehacker and side project niches specifically. I'll probably target this niche soon with a product or service (I'm a CPA) but haven't yet figured out the details so I'm genuinely curious of people's recommendations.

    I def recommend talking to 3 to 5 potential accountants. It's a hassle now but well worth it.


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