Question: How much has scrolling Indie Hackers and Reddit helped you?

I am curious. I believe sometimes I fool myself and spend too much time reading indie hackers and reddit.

Do not get me wrong, the content found can be very valuable but I feel like I use it as a way to make me feel like I am making progress, i.e researching, reading others advice etc, but at the end of the day I am not actually closer to a profitable idea.

It feels sort of like reading self help books

How do you guys know when to stop and take action? Does anyone else feels something similar?

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    from my perspective there are three very legitimate benefits (two active and one passive) of hanging around forums like this:

    1. active: when you run into a specific problem with your business, you can come to this forum and get specific advice from other founders
    2. active: product/founder research. you come here to study how other businesses are doing things so that you can learn from them
    3. passive: coming to forums like this gives you the emotional benefits of a community, e.g. you feel less alone on this business journey, you become energized by examples of successful indie hackers, you serendipitously learn norms and approaches of other people trying to build their products, etc.

    there are other benefits too, of course. occasionally you might want to launch your product here, for example. but as far as i can tell, if you aren't here primarily for some of the above three reasons, chances are good you might be neglecting more important concerns (like building and shipping your own projects).

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      This is a really good response. Nails it. I've found building a community is helpful too in Reddit and here, also starting in Quora. But it's a slow burn and takes time. But if you're coming to these places just to get motivated and find something to do, I would hazard a guess you aren't really sure about getting starting. Sounds a bit like procrastination.

      It's better to get started, figure out your pain points or unknowns, then come here to ask for advice. Builders build, so if that's what you want, you need to start. You won't find it in here.

      Just my two cents. I know it's hard. And there is motivation to be found. But ultimately it's within you.

      Cheers and good luck!

      - the DEEP DIVE Newsletter

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    IH and Reddit are the 2 places I frequent the most and it helped me a ton with making my last business work and eventually selling it and making my first digital product.

    Reddit helped me build up my personal brand and get my first customers of my digital product.

    Honestly if not for IH, I wouldn’t have believed either of the above would have been possible.

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    Probably more than mindlessly scrolling through memes.

    I think it's kinda like how people look at body transformation videos and stuff... It can be inspiring.

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    There are a lot of inputs that I have learned while browsing Indie Hackers and Reddit. From life perspectives, to become an active member of the community and learn something you can use for personal and work purposes.

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    I think you are in that zone "Read everything but the guilt of not doing anything". It happens, I think best in that scenario is to Trust your guts. Stop looking at the content for one week and you are back on the track.

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