Queuey: Daily Standup #1

My first daily standup for Queuey.dev. I thought this would be a brilliant way to keep my self accountable and to also #buildinpublic

Yesterday was a semi-big day. I told the internet (my small corner of the internet) that I am working on queuey.dev, and for the foreseeable future, it will be full-time as I am taking some PTO. (Yes PTO from normal 9-5 to work on something I want).

So yesterday was a great day:

  1. Documentation Deployed
    Updated and deployed the documentation for queuey on gh-pages. I reasoning behind this is that the docs are then open source, and anyone can update and improve them.
  2. Adding some email domain validation
    After reading a fellow IH post about chargebacks, I found a comment talking about blocking disposable/temporary email addresses. I added this to the signup form with a message to the user if they believe this is a mistake, to contact [email protected]
  3. Submitted Queuey.dev to https://betalist.com/


Unfortunately today, I have to finalize some freelance work, so it's not a full queuey.dev day. However, there are some things on the agenda:

  • Design and build a "how it works" section on the homepage. Maybe build a "/demo" page to see queuey.dev in action.

Have a great day!

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