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Quick reminder if you're feeling down

While doing customer service, most of the chats I have on SEOwl is about issues or a customer having questions.

But today I received a different kind of message from one new customer :

customer message screenshot

It felt so great.

That acted as a reminder that the majority of your users, even (and I would say especially) if they are happy with your product, will remain silent.

That can lead to a biased, negative view of your product when everything you're dealing with in a day-to-day basis is about issues and incomprehension.

But that's not the reality. You're only seeing your product through a very specific angle. So take the time to step back and appreciate the other aspects : people using your product and the rare occasions where they express their appreciation.

Be mindful about the prism you're seeing your product through. Remember those kind words when you're feeling a bit down. Remember that most of your users will show appreciation through their acts (using your product) more often than using words

Cheers, take care of yourself and good luck for whatever adventure you're in 😉

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    This is so true!

    Even though the number of users of my app is steadily growing over time according to the analytics, sometimes I just feel like I'm not doing anything meaningful.

    When in reality, there are people spending a lot of time on that app and some even already told me the app is incredibly useful for them. One even told me he thinks it's the best haha

    This last week I received a random email from one of the most active users, she just wanted to say I'm doing a great work with the app and she enjoyed the last updates a lot.

    That message made my day!

    But sometimes we forget that. We forget that our work is helping other people, even when they themselves tell us that.

    Thanks for the reminder, Jason! And for everybody else feeling like this, remember that if even a single person is being helped by your work, you should be already proud of yourself. And chances are, if it's useful for one person, it's probably useful to many others. So keep on building!

    All the best.

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