Quick & short free blogging platform 2021?

Hey all!

I am wondering what's the currently recommended no-code way to set up a small blog/site. I am thinking there are modern, "trendy" tools for one-page sites (like Carrd, Tilda or even Notion), but I am not sure that's the go-to way to set up an easy site with recurrent content (like new posts every now and then, latest posts first, so more like a small blog).

I think Tumblr does more or less what I am describing, but I wonder how relevant it still is in 2021.

I think Wordpress would be an overkill (+ not really worth it to pay for custom domain for such a simple concept). So what tool would you recommend? Only pre-requisite is that it's free and possibly allows a custom domain.


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    Proseful and BearBlog

    Both made by indie hackers too.

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      Very cool, both of them! Not quite what I'm looking for in this case, but BearBlog in particular is one I'll keep in mind for other stuff. Definitely bullshit-free blogging! 💪😃

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    I have started using Bloggi.co for Jumpstrt.co.uk

    It’s simple and free unless you want to pay for the addition of a custom domain.

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    Try Draftbox. Free plan available (with custom domain).

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      @tanmaydesai89 can you change themes/appearance on Draftbox or is it one same layout? It seems a very interesting platform, minimal but with a lot of integrations! I can't seem to find any design options other than accent colors though

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      That's a quite beautiful new discovery! Thanks! 💪

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        Thanks! Currently, we don't support themes, but we support a lot of layout customizations - CTA, subscribe widget/page, cover, and plenty of integrations to get you started.

        I noticed that you signed up. Let me know if you need any help setting up. :)

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    If you're looking to create a small site with content you would eventually sell, you can try Lumenful.

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    https://super.so/ will get you to stick a custom domain and analytics from a Notion page.

    I have been toying with this idea myself for a while, of having a personal blog just to write stuff I am interested in.

    Considering either Bear Blog or Super.

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      If are considering Super, check out https://fruitionsite.com which essentially guides you to accomplish the same thing for free in an easy to follow tutorial ;)

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    @dimnls what’s the purpose of your blog dude?

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      Something like very-short-form app/tool reviews (I figured since I try out a bunch of tools and apps, I might as well put down some thoughts, even if it's just for personal future reference). So I am treating the choice of the platform as another opportunity to try out and learn new tools.

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        Yeah solid plan, so I’d say if it’s like that and it’s just a case of documenting them for now then you seemed to be along the right lines with personal knowledge management systems (notion etc.,).

        You probably wouldn’t get much from Tumblr or Medium for example, and there wouldn’t be much point if you weren’t driving it back to a site.

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          The reason I'd like to make it public-facing is to A. push myself to actually write some stuff, and B. to "make" something ;)

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