QuickTalks 001 - Lessons learned by Felix Scholz

Hi πŸ‘‹

I've been working on QuickTalks for a few months and I'd like to share it with you.

QuickTalks is the place where indie hackers, makers, and creators share their knowledge and ideas. A behind-the-scenes of the indie maker community in which I talk with makers from all around the world to find their strategies and tactics to build successful products.

But not only that, in these interviews, we get to know their stories and more importantly, the mistakes they've made, the lessons they've learned, and the tips they'd like to know before starting their journey as indie makers.

I've released the first interview with Felix Scholz in which we discuss his first projects, the mistakes he made building UpFast (a web monitoring tool), and why he decided to radically change his approach to building products when he started working on ThreadStart.

A few takeaways πŸ‘‡

Choosing a tech stack:

"I've tried to use different tech stacks in the past but at the end but when you start a project you have to figure out all the details of the project and at the same time you have to figure out the new stack and it just slows the whole thing down"

Mistakes every indie hacker makes:

"I heard the advice multiple times, I read articles and heard podcasts and they all recommended to ship fast, ship early, don't overthink it, don't over-engineer it but I think that's one of these mistakes everybody just has to make"

About the indie maker community:

"There are so many toxic parts on Twitter but the maker community is definitely not one of them. Everybody is so supportive and everybody celebrate launches and it's really great to be part of it"

Overcoming fears and doubts:

"I turn your brain off every time these doubts come up and go for the shipping route: do it, publish it, push it, ask it, and then... hotfix it πŸ˜…"

Getting attached to a project:

"With UpFast I was really attached to the idea of it, I wanted it to work, I needed it to work I put so much heart and work on it and I think that was eventually what held me back a little bit to launch. I didn't want to get bad feedback"

You can find the full interview here

In addition, I've launched a Youtube channel in which I'm releasing multiple videos each week with some of the highlights.

And lastly, if you want to share your story on QuickTalks, just send me a message!

Hope you enjoy it 😊

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