Quora adds content monetization options

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    This is the unstoppable creator economy reshaping the way we consume and produce content! Couldn't love it more and be more excited about it.

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      Indeed, more and more content publishing and user-generated content platform are providing monetization options.

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        It's so exciting to see the whole media industry being reshaped by distributed production and consumption... I wonder if there will be the concept of "mainstream" in 5-10 years from now...

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          I hope for a similar growth of the number of readers willing to pay for content.

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            I think they will.

            What we are living now is a tipping point of a structural disruption in the whole business model of the media industry. The next upcoming generations will never have encountered quality and relevant content for free and will naturally be more inclined to pay to receive the curated content that they would like to consume.

            Too much wishful thinking?

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              It's a reasonable assumption.

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    Thanks for posting this, I’ve been on the platform for a while and had no clue they added monetization.

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      You're welcome. Be sure to check whether you subscribe to Quora's newsletters or notifications as they sent me the announcement via email.

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    It's a great move, just don't get carried away building your business on someone else's domain. Do research into all the creators who were screwed over on other platforms. Remember, you have NO control over distribution of content on other people's websites. They can switch you off overnight if they (or an algorithm) please.

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      That's good advice. I actually don't have much of a presence on Quora but I thought others who already do may be interested.

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    This is very cool!

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    See also the Quora help center's Monetization and Earnings section, which is accessible without signing into the site.

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