Raffling off Amazon gift cards for your feedback on a consumer app

Hey Hackers,

I have an idea and I'd love your feedback!

It's a survey about a consumer health & fitness app idea I have. According to TypeForm, the survey is taking 6 minutes, 25 seconds to complete on average and I'm raffling off 5 Amazon gift cards to those who fill it out:


Here's some background:

The Problem

When it comes to being active regularly, despite it being a significant part of my life, I still struggle with being motivated to move. Often the couch, a video game or a cocktail just sounds better than going for a run, going to class or frankly even just going for a walk.

There's a voice inside my head that says: "It's ok. You can skip today. What's the big deal?"

I see this even more so with those for whom being active isn't as big a part of their life as it is mine.

As a result, I still remain challenged to solve a straightforward yet difficult question:

How do you help people who say they want something (in this case an activity goal) but struggle to stay on track with it, in a scalable manner?

There are no shortage of tools to assist with this, but it's also such a big problem, and human nature is so nuanced, that I believe there are still new ways to explore and improve on what exists for the right person

The Experiment

Mid-last year I began to experiment with an idea:

What if, by tying my activity to the success of others, I could be more motivated?

So I gathered some friends and we agree to a weekly amount of activity that all added up to a shared goal. If we hit that shared goal, we log that week as a "Win", if not, it was a "Loss". And if we won for 8 straight weeks, we all agreed to order a 6-pack for each other

(I know... Beer isn't the best reward, but this is about motivation :) )

Amazingly, not just for me but for my friends as well, we found ourselves more consistent. I felt as though, if I listened to that inner voice telling me to chill, I wouldn't be just letting myself down, but also my friends who were also working hard.

It was group accountability, remote-style. And it seemed to work.

I realize this may be just me. I don't like letting down a team I'm a apart of. But presumably there are others out there that feel similarly and just need the right environment to shine?

The idea

If you've read this far, first: thank you! Second, you can probably guess where this idea is going :).

So if you have 6-7 mins to spare, I'd appreciate your thoughts via this survey. It goes into more detail (and less background :) on the idea:


Thanks in advance!

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    personally I think with these you should focus on making the initial "dating" experience and ongoing one be as pleasant as possible, assume many experiments/dates before people are comftarble with a group... one the group flows it's the easy part

    1. 1

      That’s a great point and one of the things I’m trying to validate with this survey: How many people want to engage with the service with people they know vs random people they meet.

      In the former case the invite process needs to be rock solid & engaging. In the latter, matchmaking is critical.

      Appreciate the feedback!

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