💎 Rails developers, what about monitoring?


I'm making a tool to monitor performances and errors in Ruby on Rails applications. I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Do you use any monitoring tool ?
Are you happy with it ?
Did you know about RoRvsWild.com ?
What do you think ?
Any suggestions ?

Thank you 🙏

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    I love the gem, I use it locally. The name threw me off a bit.

    I'd kill for this to be available as a heroku element (so it's one-click setup, and that I can access it per site from their dashboard, like i've been doing with newrelic)

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      Do you use newrelic to monitor your production server?

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        yeah, all my heroku apps have newrelic on them right now. They all have your gem as well now though too.

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      Super interesting thanks!
      I'll have a proper look at what it takes to build a Heroku add-on.
      And we'll think about the name too. We first made it as an internal tool and didn't spend too much time on this. My partner chose it, and since he's the Rails expert, I thought it appealed to the "special humor" rails developers can have sometimes :).
      I noticed people who were not developers had a hard time understanding it or pronouncing it, and wondered if it wasn't a good thing (if you don't get it you're not part of the club). My partner recently suggested we change it to rubyvswild to make it easier, I'm not sure it changes a lot the issue you have.

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    Hey man,.
    This is beautiful. Just signed up and going to start using for hellonext.co. Excited, and thank you for making this.

    Moving from Mixpanel for now to support.

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      Thank you very much!
      Please tell me how it goes (I'm not sure it's a replacement for Mixpanel).
      Hellonext looks pretty well done.

      1. 1

        Certainly. Lemme know if you need a free account on Hellonext for you. Let’s kick it.

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    The landing page and product screenshots look amazing ! The metrics provide condensed and insightful pieces of information on the monitored app.

    I'm just getting into Ruby and RoR but I will definitely consider using your product when I will have to set up this kind of monitoring.

    1. 1

      Good to see more people getting into Ruby.

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