Raising $2MIL, Searching for a CTO, Launching a Private Alpha, and more!

Hey there, we have some big news!
Over the last few months while building we have gotten great feedback and great interest in our tool.
We are about to do a test run, private alpha, with 100 users. We are looking to get feedback and will continue to develop other tools in the background.
Along with user interest, we have started to get funding interest. We plan to raise it around September-November. We are looking to raise a $1.5 - $2 MIL round.
During this time we are also looking for a full-time CTO with skill in AI and ML.
We are meeting with investors during this time. If you are interested send us a quick email: [email protected] and to learn more about our product visit marketfly.io .
Veeraj Mehta | Co-Founder of MarketFly

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