Raising money, or not as an indie founder. Hostifi's story from $2.3k to $53K MRR.

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    earnest has been around for a good deal of time... we used them to help underwrite costs for students learning software programming.


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    @csallen said a while back, indie doesn't mean boostrapped.

    I'm pretty sure we'll keep hearing more success stories of indie founders finding success, either with increasing revenue or by being acquired with the support of funding through the likes of Earnest Capital.

    I've certainly been re-thinking what a good indie journey looks like and from my perspective I think there are so many potential paths we could head down. There should be no shame in getting funding, or 'being acquired'.

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      I agree. I think there are some businesses where it's hard to grow after a certain point without being acquired or funded. It's just how some sectors work.

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