Random links on a page?

Hello SEO experts, a quick question for the quorum. I have a set of pages that list out the available features per vendors and its url structure is something akin to /supported/aws, /supported/azure, etc -- theres over a hundred of these.

These pages are all the same and have a list of the other supported vendor links towards the bottom. There are over a 100 supported vendors so we do not show all 100 links, just a selection of about 10. So now the actual question: Is it bad to randomly rotate these links or should these links always be the same?

There is an anchor page as well outside of looking into a particular vendor.


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    Good question! Let's first define "good" and "bad".

    What is bad for SEO is anything that prevents content on your website from being crawled and indexed, or negatively affects your site (poor content, slows your site down, etc).

    What is good for SEO is anything that makes it easy for Google to crawl and index your site, as well as creates a stellar experience for folks visiting your website - fast page speeds, easy to navigate, etc.

    Now about these links.

    How do 'random links' add to the user experience? How do these add value?

    From another SEO perspective, how strategically are you using these links? Internal linking is a great way to connect related pages and pass page rank along to boost authority.

    I found your site from your profile so I see what you mean, when I go to this page and scroll down I see other related retailers, which is cool. I don't think having 100 links there would be helpful, a sampling of the top 10 with the option to see more is fine.

    When I go to this page though (grocers) I see... retailers? That's odd:

    I would make these links contextual if you can. For example, if someone is looking at grocers show links to other grocers. Perhaps even break out the retailers a bit - furniture, clothing, etc - whatever is helpful or relevant to your audience.

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      Thank you for providing meaningful answer and suggestions. Def something I'm going to look at.

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