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What should you do if you can't find anyone to help you make your mvp

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    Think of a simpler MVP. So simple you can make it by yourself.

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    MVP, doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to build a product.

    There are occasions where you can test the outcome of MVP without even building the product, e.g. If what you are trying to sell is data, data can be made available to those who want in through various other mechanisms and see if they are willing to pay for that data; I've detailed this and more at Myths about Minimum Viable Product.

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    Interestingly, I've been playing around with and thought "hey, I can map out my new app idea with this". While not perfect, it has everything you need to map out pages, date, display, etc.

    Depending upon your idea, it may even give you enough to show to a few others to get feedback on your concept and flow. If it's a go, then you can take the next steps to invest further with something like bubble.

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    Build it yourself with things you know and make it minimum. Dropbox's MVP was a video of how it works.

    Time to creative, learn a few things and find a few more things that can help you achieve what you don't know. For e.g. I don't know how to make a logo so I normally use Namecheap's logo maker for that.

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    Use what you got.
    The only resource you ever have is your time.
    Than most of use convert it into money that can later be used further, like pay someone for a service or product.
    Or build skills with it like learn to code so you can develop it on your own. (or learn to use no-code solutions...)
    Or build social skills so you can find and persuade other people that would help you.
    Or work on better ideas or the process off to generate an idea that would interest other people to work with you on and describe it in a way that would be suitable.

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      Engineers like to build cool things. If your idea isn't able to generate enough interest to do an MVP its unlikely to interest people enough to buy it.

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    Use Upwork and find whoever you need. I've hired many of amazing and talented folks from there. Depending on who you are looking for, I'm happy to make a referral to someone I've used in the past.

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      Oh ok, yeah I never knew that. I thought it wasn't good to out source your mvp

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        You definitely want to make sure you have them sign the CIIA and an NDA and of course, it depends on what you are building. But a scrappy MVP to test you Product-market fit and get some revenue flowing should be fine. I can tell you that it allowed me to get going quickly as a nontechnical founder and I got into 500 startups with the product that they built without any objections. From there I found my co-founder and dev team. But we actually still have our outsourced team on board and use them for front end all the the time while the team focused on the IP and backend dev.

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    Draw it! Take photos, make an short movie demoing the experience you want to provide.

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    Well, You should go all solo on it. Isn't that the best part being a Indie hacker / maker? The community has a lot of great threads, resources which can help you get started. Use it your advantages.

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    I'd suggest checking out no code tools like Bubble, Adalo, Webflow and others. It's helped me start building without a ton of effort or commitment.

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    You should use you can just send us your design + requirements and you'll make the rest

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