Landing Page Feedback October 7, 2020

Rate my landing - Any advice accepted!

NKTZNL @N1ketas

Hi everyone!

I'm working on a new project based on newsletter that help people to find great remote job without wasting time on job boards.The users can Sign up and choose up to 3 remote job categories ( mostly dev, marketing and customer support). Here is the demo website:

Atm this landing is not 100% ready but I'll ask for feedbacks anyway.

If you want, provide these feedbacks:

  • Design: did you like my design?

  • Idea: did you like the business ideas?

  • Information quality: are you able to understand the service provided? The informations are minimal because there is an image of a newsletter sample.

  • Newsletter History: did you like the idea of showing old newsletter to allow the user to better understand the service provided?

Any other feedbacks will be accepted :)

Thanks a lot!

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