Re-Reading The Mom Test and Start Small, Stay Small in Tandem

Of all the product and entrepreneurial books I've ever read, these are the only two I've ever re-read. And I'm doing it again. I knowingly broke every rule in The Mom Test with my current project. It was a shot in the dark to see if my passion project could gain footing. Shockingly, that did not work. So I'm back in Mom Test mode, and I've found it incredibly interesting reading both The Mom Test and Start Small, Stay Small at the same time.

The two Robs (Rob Fitzpatrick of The Mom Test and Rob Walling of Start Small, Stay Small) know their shit, so it's been fun reading the books together as I properly do the work for what will be a revamped product, even if that product ends up completely different than it is now.

This got me thinking. What other books for IndieHackers pair well together?

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