Growth May 22, 2020

Reaching your audience

Matt Smith @QuaffAPint

I'm a long time .NET developer. I'm building a platform for .NET developers that there is a definite need for. Given that - my biggest issue is I have zero followers. No one to reach out to.

My plan was to write tech articles that would interest my audience. Then share them in the various places (reddit,, linkedin, etc). People so far are liking them, but this is a very long game. I don't know if I should also write things like sharing my process as I start the startup. Or should you convert things to video to reach people that way. I was also coming up with ways to bring people in by not directly telling them about it, but just asking to check out their code and then showing what I can do.

I'm obviously not unique in my situation. How have other's gone about reaching their audiences when they don't have anyone to start with (not co-workers/friends that could use it, etc)?