React Developer Survey - Time to implement technologies

Hey everyone! I'm doing some research for a project I'm working on and I'd love your input if you have a couple of minutes :)

How many days do the following technologies take for ONE developer to implement when starting a new React project.

If your manager asked you to estimate this task (in isolation) in days, what would your answer be?

Google Form:

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    I don't understand those questions.. some of those are more like tools then something to implement. If you are asking how many time it would take to configure the project so to use those technologies, I would say just a feel minutes, 2 hours max if you run into some big issue. And authentication shouldn't take more then a day or 2 if it's a protocol specifically hard.
    Also, you can't estimate the time it would take to configure a Data Store (such as Redux) without mapping the actual data and functionality it will serve.

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      Hey Bernardo, thank for replying.

      This is the kind of feedback I was looking for. I agree the things on the list aren’t exactly features or technologies I want to get a general feel for how long certain things take compared to others.

      I also agree about the data store comment and this purposely kept vague because some stores can be bigger than others. But the time for “initial set up” should be roughly the same, which is what the survey is looking for.

      Thanks again!

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