React Pluggable: Thinking Features over Components

Give a shot, try out React Pluggable (https://react-pluggable.github.io/).

An open-source intuitive plugin system for Javascript and React apps which focusses on the abstraction of the UI and helps you to think of the app as a set of features instead of a set of components.

Read a detailed article about the same here: https://stories.geekyants.com/react-pluggable-thinking-features-over-components-cki0dqjlx000hfbs19bppgncu

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    A detailed tutorial article on React Pluggable is available now.
    Article Link - https://stories.geekyants.com/react-pluggable-a-quick-guide.

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    Here is a Todo (https://react-pluggable.github.io/docs/todo-example) example. We don't have a more full-featured example as of now. We have used it in our internal projects. We'll see if we can include some of it in the docs.
    A plugin can provide any functionality through addFunction (https://react-pluggable.github.io/docs/pluginstore#addfunction) and communicate using events. It can also render a React component inside Renderer components provided through the RendererPlugin (https://react-pluggable.github.io/docs/rendererplugin) so there is no restriction on the usage of plugin as such. You can have build your whole app as a bunch of plugins or you can only have some features implemented using plugins.
    While we haven't provided any built-in functionality for server logic/endpoints, the best way would be to create a plugin which handles the integration with server API and use that in your app

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    This is really interesting. Do you have any more full-featured plugins examples besides the alert one? To me it seems like plugins make the most sense for features that need to hook into a bunch of locations in your app. Also any thoughts on how this could add server logic/endpoints or is that out of scope?

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