Read The Mom Test? Here is how to actually do something with it.

Hey fellow Indie Hackers 👋

I wanted to share our customer development insights we got at our startup Tape:

After hours of useless interviews, asking the wrong questions and pitching the idea of our startup Tape, we came across Rob Fitzpatrick's book "The Mom Test" and were immediately hooked.

Rob's philosophy for conducting interviews was exactly what we needed. The book uncovered all the mistakes we had been making over and over for months that were keeping us from getting the insights we wanted by asking the right questions.

From that point on, after every interview, we felt we had finally understood our customers' needs and confirmed what we had already developed.

However, we also found that many of the insights gained in the interviews turned out to be useless because it was sheer impossible for us to compare them.

We didn't ask the same questions

The interview notes were spread across several documents...

...and there was no single place where all the interview results could be collected and collaborated on together.

Therefore, we developed a process internally that helped us document and structure our interview results so we could work through and evaluate them together.

Step by step we came up with an actionable framework that really got us the insights we needed. We arrived at a replicable, battle-tested process for carrying out the mom-test and being successful in answering the right questions.

We created a Tape-Template that enables teams to start with the correct process right away. You can find it here. The template is built upon all the insights we had to fine-tune the interviewing process and the team discussions afterwards.

I hope this template can help your team to avoid some of the mistakes we made!

I am eager to discuss your experience and read your feedback in the comments!

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