Recent saas project was acquired. Would love your thoughts on this new one!

The new project is www.HostBoost.co - with travel about to reignite, this aims to make upselling services easier and more organized for Airbnb hosts while also being free! (we just take a tiny cut of bookings)

Would also love to know what you're working on :)

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    This is a very cool idea. Have you reached out to both host and guest? What have they said?

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      Thanksss. Nope - we're about to start doing that now

      Any ideas on how to get in front of them? We mainly need to figure out which pricing makes the most sense.

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    Smart idea I'd say. BTW, worth fixing the typo "Payment received for Early Check-in" (not "recieved"). Best of luck with the venture.

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      Thanks man! we may need to tweak our monetization based on our hosts needs. unsure.

      Oops, yep, gotta fix

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    This is a great Idea. Does this upsell happen post-Airbnb booking? I'm going to start working on '12 startups in 12 months challenge' starting July. I've been putting off projects for way too long now.

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      Yes, imagine booking your stay and then off platform upselling parking, grocery, boat rental, etc.

      Thanks man, we'll see what hosts say

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    The page is very short but i could understand what your client can offer to guests but i couldn't fully understand what YOU offer to your clients. I think you need more screenshots of your web app. Also, you need a logo and well, i will start soon a logo generator site with custom logo designs.

    Good luck and if you need a logo, let me know. NO compromises :)

    1. 1

      Good point - we'll add a section for our value: organize listings/bookings and trust for guests

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    Anyone have ideas on how to get this in front of hosts for feedback?

    I know they must get pounded with spammy crap constantly hah

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