Landing Page Feedback March 29, 2020

Redesign w/ video walkthroughs

Todd McNeal @toddmcneal

We just shipped a redesign of our homepage at!


Our product has tended to demo well, so the new design features a set of video walkthroughs of how the product works. Since we now have a free tier, we changed the primary call to action to be to enter your email address to create an account (inspiration for this came from Notion's homepage).

What do you think?

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    Congratulations, it was amazing! In addition to fluid and great navigation, the way the video starts was sensational!

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    The website is well polished @toddmcneal

    The video / animation section was a surprised, nice design!

    I'm also re-designing my side project, would be awesome to hear your advice!

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      Thank you! I took a look, here are some random thoughts:

      • I like that you mention at the outset that it's compatible with different presentation software.
      • Some of the copy reads weird to me. For example, rather than "Presentation Made Easy" I'd use "Presentations Made Easy". In the sub-header, instead of "designed layouts" I'd use "professionally-designed layouts". The CTA "Get Free Template" should be "Get Free Templates" since it includes more than one layout.
      • I've bought Keynote templates off Envato-type sites in the past, so I can speak with some experience as your target customer. At least for me, my goal was to get one layout that I really liked, and use that as my template for all presentations going forward. You're promoting that you have 20 layouts and prompting the user to download all 20 - I would like to look at all 20 on the site and just download the one or two I like the best. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what 'layout' means here? Is it one template with 20 different slide variations, or 20 templates? It's not totally clear to me.
      • Last suggestion :). I'm guessing the goal of this site is to be lead-gen for you to custom-design a template for someone. I feel like you should use stronger language to sell that. The copy on the 'Custom Presentation" page does a good job of this I think, whereas the homepage uses weaker language: "If for some reason you don't find the presentation kit that best suits your needs, please feel free to reach out."

      Hopefully this is helpful, best of luck!

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    This is great. Congratulations and thanks for posting. How does your product compare to Cucumber?

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      Thanks! And good question. Cucumber lets non-developers write test cases in English, but it's up to developers to actually implement the behaviors that validate those tests. Also in my opinion Cucumber works best at the unit test/integration test level rather than end-to-end tests. Just Google "cucumber selenium", you'll see how complicated it is to even get a simple test set up...

      By contrast, Reflect is focused solely on end-to-end tests and is built so that you can create and maintain an entire test suite without ever involving a developer. You'll never write a line of code with our product.

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        That's really helpful. Thanks for explaining.

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