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Reduce churn by sharing your product roadmap

If your product lacks important features, your users may churn and opt for a competitor. Keep them invested by showing where your product is heading. Better yet, have them vote to inform the roadmap.

Malte Scholz, co-founder of Airfocus, understands that people choose products based not only on the current feature-set, but also on what's planned for the future. He keeps his customers engaged and excited by sharing his product roadmap on Trello and even encouraging customers to offer direction by voting for the features they're most excited about. It's no surprise that Airfocus saw a 3% decrease in churn when they started doing this. If you want to give this a shot, they recommend not sharing more than 2-3 months out. And be careful not to over-promise.

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    I definitely think sharing a public roadmap is a great idea - even better to build that product roadmap from feature suggestions. We built Noora (https://noorahq.com) to help with this. Feel free to give it a try - anyone on IndieHacker can also ask for extra "free" time as a thank you!

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