Landing Page Feedback June 25, 2019

Rejected by betalist, part 2 - please critique #landing-page-feedback

Studio Cinematic @StudioCinematic

First off, many thanks to the first feedback I got: @likelylogic, @OscarRyz, @danp, @Michael_Andreuzza, @dmontooth, @SUPERViLLAiN, @petecodes, @headofficeonabike, @isoloi, @random_girl, @volkandkaya

Here's another landing page I just created -

Please send me your feedback/advice. Thanks!

I just got rejected by betalist a few days ago, so apparently my site sucked. With lots of advice, I made another landing page, hopefully a bit better than what I have now (

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    I'm confused at what you actually do.

    Maybe a

    Step 1 - do this, Step 2 - then this, Step 3 - this benefit!

    could help.

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      Thanks for the feedback! My app is a video editor, very easy to use. The user, when he comes on the page, knows it's a video editor (because of the way I advertise).
      I will do some A/B testing, and maybe have another landing page using your idea.
      Thanks again!

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    Hey !
    Ah, is true. I didn't realized it said Carrd. My bad.


    The last time i didn't look on mobile. But now that I do they are the same.

    • Is a very bright grey on top of the white. Maybe this would be better 90A4AE or if you want it lighter CFD8DC.

    Margin and padding.

    • On mobile some parsgraphs the text container or section has no padding and no margin. Almost comming out.

    • I am using an s8 plus.


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      Got it, thanks! I fixed the padding - on my mobile, only the last one had this issue (and I fixed it). For the gray color, I used 90a4ae.


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        That's a stunning landing... that fix with the padding changed it all.
        It looks really professional.
        Good luck also and have a good day Jhon!

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          Many thanks!
          And many thanks for the help!

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    Hey Photo Awe.

    This looks much better. Looks more professional.

    What I saw skimming thru the site and I would correct:

    • I would use a bigger weight on Sans, a 400 for example. On the paragraph.

    • The color combination puts me back, to be honest. orange and grey. I would use a stronger and more modern color palette.

    For example:

    -The video section looks really crowded with all the fonts around the video. You could take a screenshot and work it around on figma, sketch or any of those. So it would look clean.

    • The footer icons are too bright.

    Is just my honest opinion. When I ask for feedback I want the user to be really honest, I tried to do the same.

    I hope it helps. Have a good day!


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      This is based on a template from carrd. I did not change the colors. Once I push this live, will do some A/B testing on colors.

      "The footer icons are too bright" - did you test on mobile? Becasuse on desktop (mine), they are not bright at all