Remarkable Content to Capture More New Leads

Indie Hackers: Find Your Voice with Remarkable Content

It's a noisy world out there. We’re inundated with media and messaging from the moment we wake each morning until ten minutes after we go to sleep. This reality impacts consumers, professionals and business owners alike, so it’s a significant issue in your marketing efforts. If your goal is connecting with fresh prospects, and ultimately turning them into customers, finding a voice that resonates with these prospects is key. At the same time, it’s increasingly difficult in this cacophonous world.

Enter content marketing. Delivering remarkable content is a proven means of converting raw prospects to qualified leads. Avoiding the “hard-sell”, great content marketing educates, informs and delights. It engages prospects in meaningful, continuing dialogue. It gives a “voice” to the value that you offer.

Remarkable content alone is not enough, however. The best content marketers realize this is a lifecycle game. You must deliver content that’s meticulously targeted to the lifecycle stage of a particular lead.

Is the lead just becoming aware of your company? Deliver content that educates in your area of expertise, providing “how-to” value without directly selling. Are they in the evaluation stage, weighing options before they buy? Deliver detailed content demonstrating best-case outcomes that follow naturally from your product or service – case studies or research results, with nary a sales pitch, work well here. Are they ready to purchase? Now it’s time to embed a soft sales element in your content. Continue to inform and share your engaging company personality, but include offers: contact information to reach your team for solutions, free trials, discounts and specials, etc.

Marketing communication and lead management can seem daunting in today’s crowded marketplace. Properly executed content marketing makes your voice stand out in that crowd and helps achieve the critical conversion from lead to customer.

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