Remember your first sale and first customer? 💬 Share a story!

Hello IndieHackers!

I would like to hear about your first sale and first customer. How it happened and how you felt about that?

Can't wait to read your story!

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    Yeah, I remember exactly how I got first user for Pingr

    I was posting to PH weekly discussion my site every week, asking for feedback & support. One guy gave extensive technical feedback. He literally told me that I shouldn't store something in localstorage, etc..

    I found him on twitter and we talked few days.

    I gave him feedback regarding his app, mainly UI stuff.

    Then suddenly I saw (first time in my life) the email from Paddle that there is new subscription user.

    He decided to support me in that way :)

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      Wow! I just discovered Pingr and I am definitely planning to use it for my projects

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      It sounds like he is a great person, voluntarily help a stranger with the code :)
      Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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      Hey, Victor

      I think I read this in Twitter or IH

      That's pretty neat, man

      Your journey is a great inspiration

      Huge fan, btw

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        Yes I spam a lot :)

        Thank you! :))

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    Congratulations! Brilliant idea. Reminds me of www.milliondollarhomepage.com

    I love your intro video! Especially the last few seconds. 😂

    I can totally agree that getting your first customer is immensely exciting. Something like first kiss. 😄

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      Thanks Łukasz!

      Accurate comparison! If someone's first sale comes before his first kiss he will be a great salesperson, of course if that "kiss" wasn't merchandise 😄

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    My first ever "paying customer" was a £4.30 (about $6) commission from an affiliate link - I was promoting a gadget company via PPC at the time. It was absolutely addictive.

    I did £20k in sales over Christmas and ended up being invited on their company ski holiday - was only 17 years old at the time!

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    I started a consulting business three weeks ago. Got zero responses in the last three weeks. But this last Wednesday, I got my first potential client: a career coach. I have no clue if this is going to lead to a sale, but it's nice to have gone from zero to one. It feels exciting and yet I still feel uncertain about this. I've never started a business before. But hey, here I am!

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      Hi Paul,
      Beginnings are always difficult. Even if he is not going to become your client, he may recommend you to someone else.
      Good luck!

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    My first client I was 14, I wanted to rake people's leaves for money. I put 50 flyers that I had printed on my dad's printer and pinned them all around the neighborhood. I also knocked at peoples' houses who looked like raking leaves wasn't their thing. Good times.

    My first B2B client was 8 years ago. I was selling websites / marketing services. I talked to this dentist who wanted to bring in more clients for his Invisalign product. Didn't end up doing business with him but 3 days after I got a call from a friend of his, other dentist, who literally started the conversation saying "my friend gave me your phone number and said I had to ask you for a new website, when can you start?".

    For makesales.io, we have 20 users but still haven't implemented the free trial + paid feature, but soon!

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      I was wondering why your website is not working, there's a typo😄
      Good luck Victor with your makeSAKES.io 😁


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        Hahaha sorry about that although make sake sounds delicious too

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      Hey nice website! Quick bug I found: if you're on any page other than the home page (e.g. blog, terms of service, privacy policy), the main navigation links to "How", "What", and "Make more sales" don't go anywhere! Overall good design though and info.

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        hey @ConnorL thank you for spotting these, I just made the edits! let me know if I can return you the favor!

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    I had $100 and i started to create blogspot.com page and bought a $20 domain www.euphoryadesign.com. It Before that i started Euphorya as a freelancer/side projects selling graphic designs for $20 at myspace.com community online when i was 19 years old. I was very curious again about graphic design.


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    Yep, I do. 😄

    It was a few days before the launch of BuildFaster.co. I was working on some final touches when I got an email from a Indiehacker. He said he loved my themes. Especially Lightning Blue.

    He asked me if he could have early access. So I gave him the source code and later when I launched BuildFaster on Gumroad, in no time I got a notification that I revived my first sale. 🥳🥳

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      So you've got your 1st customer even before launch! That's great :)

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        Thanks! That was about 3 months ago a since then have gotten $290 in sales.

        Time sure flies 😄

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    Great story! I haven’t had one yet, but it is soon to come ;)

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      What are you working on?

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        I'm learning ReactJS and soon hope to make some React Components to sell on the web.

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    I remember it like it was yesterday.

    I had been building Partizion for about 3 months, and had been onboarding lots of users that I was getting from small posts here and there on indiehackers, reddit, producthunt, etc.

    At that time, the product was just free to use with an optional upgrade (terrible incentive, bad pricing model haha).

    I was feeling pretty bummed because over 100 people had tried the app and were even using it everyday but I knew my pricing model was broken. Nonetheless, as I was walking to a coffeeshop to do some work, I got an email saying "New Subscriber!!". I was elated. No words can describe the feeling I had. That first customer was crucial, and pushed me to keep going forward.

    Hearing from, learning from, and talking to other indiehackers and makers has been a huge help for me. I'm actually interviewing as many makers as I can can writing a book about how they got their first customers. If you're looking for some inspiration or guidance, check it out here: https://www.firstsaascustomer.com/

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