Remote Workers May 12, 2020

Remote night work - Launched an MVP

mattdood @mattdood

Hi all,

I recently launched my MVP (~last Friday) and was hoping to elicit a bit of feedback from the remote community.

The site revolves around work that would take place "outside normal hours". It was inspired by some nighttime consulting I've been doing from home during quarantine, and I thought there may be a market for it.

I appreciate any feedback you may have, either on the concept or the site itself.


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    There's possibly a market for this - worth exploring, I'd say.

    You need to improve your website, though. My first impression was that you'd let the domain name expire and that the site was just a page of spammy ads. Look at your favourite looking job boards and take inspiration from these - along with any other websites you find that look clean.

    You have to start somewhere but I'd also suggest having more than one job ad on there - if people see that, they won't return.