Remote Workers May 18, 2020

Remote No-code Bootcamp by AirDev


Hi everyone!

My company, AirDev, one of the leaders in the no-code revolution, is sponsoring a free remote bootcamp to teach a small group of non-coders (or coders who want to learn!) how to build robust web apps using our no-code approach. It’s just 4 weeks long, and participants will learn to build apps like Airbnb, Twitter, etc. More info is at

If you’re interested in launching a tech-enabled business without needing a technical cofounder, or transitioning to tech/PM work in the future, or just looking to expand your skillset, check it out! Applications are due May 21.

We really want to get the hacker community involved because you can build really cool and powerful projects quickly, and hackers are some of the most creative people out there so there's a lot of potential here!