Remote working from the Italian Alps

We are building a community for digital nomads interested in living for short periods on our local mountains.

Would that be attractive? Or is warmth and year-long-summers a must for work nomads?

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    It would be for me, but not to spend any time with other nomads; just to relax in nature.

    Are you intending to create spots for nomads to enjoy nature and work, or to meet each other and mingle? I would be interested in the former, as long as everything nomad related was taken care of: good Internet, comfortable working spots, easy access to food, quiet, and inspiring.

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      actually the former, but it might have the second as a byproduct. I have moved to the alps a year ago, working in the digital world from here. With a few people met here, who did the same choice, we are trying to extend the "experiment" to other fellow digital nomads, with a bottom-up effort of reliving these beautiful areas beyond peak seasons

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    Right now, in Tuscany! Could be cool to see what you make out of it!

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      we are now running a second round In October, trying to share the love we have for the fall season on the Alps. You can follow our developments on Instagram: @remoto_community

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        are you remote working from tuscany? where from?

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    Living in Rome, loving the idea!!!

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      thanks for the support! I have seen a lot of seaside places being hit by digital nomads over the last year, but not as much on higher-altitude destinations, so I am curious about what people think of it. If you are curious or interested in joining, you can follow our developments on IG: @remoto_community

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