RemotelyJobs app my new project

Hello everyone.

I am writing this post to announce that we have published our Web App (and also releasing the Android and iOS app).

Our app is aiming to help every remote worker to find their next remote job and for companies with remote job positions to share on our platform. The usage of this app is completely free (including posting job offers) and the idea it’s to grow a community.

We also want to promote the salary transparency, and so it’s mandatory to provide the salary of every job offer (that is featured).
You can access our app here: https://remotelyjobs.app
And soon you will also be able to download our Android and iOS app.

For now, I would like to gather all your honest feedback. Just notice this platform was entirely developed in Flutter, and so, I know the Web App should be better. But for now I'm just testing the market, and if I see there is some potential, I will invest more on the web app.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to give me your most honest feedback, to let me improve this online platform.

Thank you,

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