Replacing Substack?

Hey everyone.

I'm staring to look for a new tech stack to replace Substack.

We enjoy healthy growth but Substack's features are staring to be lacking, not to mention costly too.

Has anyone made the switch successfully ?
Your recommendations and ideas are more than welcomed


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    Hey! This is what @joshuaanderton and I have been working on lately!

    It's called https://meeps.app. 👍

    (We already have 20+ early access users, including @brhea, @jmckinven, @schoon, @jrsowers)

    Currently features:

    • Subscriber registration + payments (through Stripe)
    • Write and send free newsletters
    • Write and send paid newsletters
    • Invite subscribers to private Slack, Discord, forums
    • Send automated welcome emails
    • Get sponsors for your newsletter
    • Subscriber directory
    • Merch store

    (If you're interested, I'd join fairly soon as we're closing early access in the next few weeks)

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      Oh wait , it;’s you !!!

      I follow your youtube open builds
      You actually helped me get into TailwindCSS Thanks.
      Now I want to try your new product even more !

      We also have a podcast usually gets into top 10 business podcasts in Mexico.
      We are using simplecast, i’ll see if we can migrate that too.

      Thanks for building.
      : )

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        Nice! Yes, migrating from Simplecast to Transistor is easy:


        There's a 1-click import, and then all you have to do is forward your old RSS feed to your new Transistor RSS.

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          Brilliant, if you guys need some extra seed for meeps let me know.

          Most of my “real work” is on media https://digifolkmedia.com/ and I help launch and grow brands both established and new publishers.

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    Yeah. I would love to give it a try

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