Reply with a link to your product and let's have a 1 hour free Digital Marketing Consultation session. 馃檪

A big Hello to the IndieHackers family 馃檪

So excited to be here!

Digital Marketing holds the solution to the future of every website today. We all do have a lot of aspirations and I do know you have a well-defined idea of what you need in the end. Life is about opportunities, challenges and it matters how we are able to play the game of business, survival, success, and goal fulfilment.

The 11-year long journey which I am still continuing; gave me this amazing opportunity to implement what I learned into a lot of business & personalities especially, 'small-medium businesses', online & offline.

Well, I was lingering here for a while now & saw many milestones have been achieved by IndieHackers out there. Felt this too, like, ah!... if they could have talked/commented/become active in discussions at this/that platform or took care of those basic SEO steps, that would have worked for them well. I was figuring on how I could help anyone, in whichever little way possible.

Afterall, the Indie Hacker Community is a great place where we all could share ideas, discuss and help one another and that鈥檚 exactly why I like being part of this fab platform.

路 In case, you are a founder of a startup, or
路 One who runs your business pretty well, but feels it is time for a small boost up, or
路 If you as a personality, feel that your virtual presence needs a total revamp, or
路 If you are one just trying the figure the baby steps of Digital Marketing in your business, or
路 If you need to know how Digital Marketing can improve the life and health of your business, or
路 If you are an employee who needs to study how relevant Digital space is for your industry,

Or let鈥檚 say鈥 you just want someone to listen to you... 馃檪

Book a 1-hour appointment for a free digital marketing consultation here at https://logicranks.com/ so that we can have a one to one session brainstorming discussion on what & how your product/service can benefit those who really need it. Love to hear from all of you soon, Let's talk 馃檪

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    My talk with @achyuthan was super helpful ! Highly recommend

    Honest opinion paired with actionable insights.

  2. 2

    Thanks for your time earlier, much appreciated! Would recommend.

  3. 2

    Great session with Achyuthan, who was very generous with his time :)

    He definitely knows how one should be thinking about the message you need to send to connect with your audience online.

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    Amazing 1 hr session.

    High value-add, thanks again Achyuthan!

    1. 1

      Thanks Bobby, Looking forward :)

      1. 1

        yeah, achyuthan is a really interesting dude. definitely knows how to get shit done

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    I just finished up my consultation with Achyuthan on Mugshot Bot. I've been struggling to resonate with visitors and make them understand that the tool can generate social images for your entire blog, not just the URL you type in.

    We went through a bunch of different copy changes and ideas on how to better communicate this idea. I left the meeting with both small, actionable changes and big picture ideas to improve conversion.

    I highly recommend booking your free consultation. Just look at all of these notes I took!

    notes from free marketing consultation with Achyuthan

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    Hey @achyuthan, what an offer! I'd love to chat about https://www.artwerks.io - a Tinder inspired art discovery tool that uses artificial intelligence to suggest what art each user sees.

    1. 1

      Same here, what an idea Mike!
      Definitely interested in hearing out how could users benefit from Artwerks, hope the users referred here might be artists. (Nice name by the way)
      Seems like somebody who got that flare in artworks could only design/develop such a platform, well let's see at the end of the session you would be drawing my pic (without AI) haha.. lol...

      Go ahead, make an appointment through Logicranks. Looking forward to meet you in our one to one session.

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    Thanks @achyuthan. Would love to discuss https://Personalli.com - helping people create N share different profiles

    1. 1

      Wooow, What a concept! "Different people, Different {You}
      Would love to hear more from you how Personalli could help me or someone I know so that I could help you with some particular places/communities where I hope the platform could bag an amazing traction!

      Please go ahead and make an appointment via 'Logicranks'.
      Looking forward to meet you in our online session.
      Surprise element - Might be having something for you, lol :)
      Meet you soon!


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        Hey @achyuthan - thanks again for the free 30 min session we had some weeks ago. I thought it was nice to circle back. I did take time to improve upon the copy, images, content, etc. on the home page of Personalli.com - have a look and LMK what u think.

        It was great speaking to you and getting your feedback. The bounce rate on the home page has decreased and the session length has increased!

        1. 2

          Hey @sanedevil - It's really great to know that the bounce rate has decreased but for me it feels like the section starting from ' How it works - 3 simple steps' require a serious Ui/Ux revamp which can work wonders for the site, no doubt!

          As a user on the first scroll I didn't read from there since the images were too low & it wasn't eye catching or attention seeking enough to get my eyeballs stick on to there since the information that you are trying to convey/articulate through that colour combo & placement seems to be requiring a pro Ui/Ux touch.

          Feel free to reach out at [email protected], would love to help :)

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    Thanks @achyuthan, currently building https://www.bespokeresume.tech would love to get your insights before we start to actively market the product!

    1. 2

      Dear Manmeet, Congrats on the new product. Extremely happy to share the insights & marketing tips to you. The link in the comment isn't working though, while I am writing the comment.

      Anyhow, please go ahead & make an appointment at our website.
      Looking forward to meet you in our online session. :)


      1. 1

        Oops, sorry fixed the link now!

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    Great offer, thank you! I want to get feedback on our idea to offer COUPONS for our asynchronous video conferencing tool, which is now in open beta.

    1. 2

      Wow, that's something new to me as well. Interesting concept. Would love to hear more from you in our live session.

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        Thank you so much Achyuthan, you are a generous and skilled advisor! I will definitely follow your ideas. Happy to stay in close contact with you and Logicranks

        1. 1

          Thanks Martin. A super new but a valuable feature you are offering to the users. The tool can certainly bag users. Let's build towards what we have discussed online. All the best. :)

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    Yeah, true , from idea generation to laying the full plan on the table is never an easy game. Brainstorming has often helped me even realize certain loopholes that lay hidden. Hoping to have some quality conversations with you mate!

    1. 1

      Hey, Nice to e-meet you. Let's brainstorm :)

      1. 1

        Kudos to the founder of Logicranks! Loved the way you brainstormed my scattered thoughts during our interaction! Seriously, you have a lot of insight and I would surely incorporate your tips into mine. Will schedule one more consultation session soon.

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