Require phone numbers at signup and call new users right away

Reduce churn by requiring a phone number at signup and calling new users right away.

Before Thiago Obaid of Proposeful came up with this approach, new users would sign up for his app but drop out before using it. This all changed when he started asking for their numbers and onboarding them with a personal phone call. He would say, "I'm calling to ask why you signed up so that I can assist you." Large companies often spend a lot of money doing this, but bootstrapped startups can do it too. It increased engagement, decreased churn, and eventually tailored the onboarding process to the most qualified customers.

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    I agree, It is really working thing

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      Honestly, we also tried to call up to our users and potential clients, this is just a waste of time. You spend money on calls and no feedback as the result. It is better to have your own base of clients that visited your shop or site and who really used you at least once your services. More than that, there are some apps and sites like this one https://www.sccatl.org/areacodebystate that helps to recognize the codes of different countries and areas. So with the help of this, you can find people who live near you and possibly they will be interested in your offer. Anyway, it is better than to wasted calling someone unknown.

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