Require signups before giving anything away for free

Increase your conversion rate by requiring users to signup before they get anything for free.

Rick Van Haasteren of SiteGuru ($500/mo) used this tactic to increase conversions from 5% to 20%. Originally, Rick offered a limited version of his product for free without taking an email address, but only a few users signed up for the paid version. Now he makes sure to require them in order to convert users through weekly emails which include personalized tips about improving their websites.

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    Then why have you given me this value for free before collecting my signup info?

    But while I agree with this idea, it is not universal.
    Need to weigh up value, cost and friction for your specific use case.

    A product where the value is unseen at first but instantly understood with a single action, with future gains obvious too, where that action costs nothing to produce... skip signup.

    A product where value costs to produce, is delivered fully in first interaction, or involves several interactions to demonstrate value... enforce signup.

    1. 1

      Haha, good point 🤔

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