Remote Workers May 19, 2020

Resources for remote entrepreneurs

Stefan Palios @StefanAllDay

I got really inspired by a post in no-code, where someone built a curated reference library for startup founders.

I'd been collecting resources on remote entrepreneurship for a while (think: "How to run agile remotely", not "Top tips for wfh productivity"). I noticed most of the mainstream media focused on the remote worker, but not the remote entrepreneur.

So I launched Remotely in Business, a curated resource library for remote entrepreneurs. Built in Carrd with Airtable, it's my first no-code project.

I hope y'all find it helpful!

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    I see Airtable and I like! Seeing a trend of useful sites like these powered by it. Get the content out into the world in a neater more usable way.

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      It was my first attempt using Airtable! I'm trying my best to get more into no-code builders. Since I can't code, it feels like a much more freeing experience haha

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    Hey @StefanAllDay, this resource is great! You've got a great collection here; I really like how neatly the content is organized. From a UX perspective, one piece of advice I can give would be to move the navigation bar (Productivity, Hiring + Culture, Leadership, and Product) near the top of the page after clicking on one particular subject.

    I was a bit confused at the beginning trying to check out the rest of the site after clicking on one of the collections, as I didn't realize the navigation bar was further down the page. I think bringing the navigation up would help the user explore the site with ease and have them potentially stay longer.

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      Thanks for the note :) much appreciated